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February 5, 2012
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The Cap Doesn't Fit by BronyFang The Cap Doesn't Fit by BronyFang
There's a short story to this one:
On Skype, my friend likes to see me as Twilight Sparkle, not simply because I think she's best pony, but mostly because he says i can relate to her the most out of the Mane 6 for being an egghead myself. Now, a few days ago I fell into a debate with this friend of mine over Skype about the Derpy controversy going on lately. Unfortunately, it became more of a serious debate rather than a simple friendly debate. In the end the debate didn't end well, and after the way I acted, he said this to me: "instead you keep digging it back up in order to make yourself look better than me, why don't you put on a witch hat and sparkle cape while your at it." To be perfectly honest, it hurt hearing that. Personally, I hate being a show off or making people think that they are lesser than me, and after this debate, my friend saw differently of me and saw me more of a Trixie than a Twilight. Afterwards, he left the Skype conversation with that sentence for me to think about. As a result, I got inspired to draw this.

Aside from my own personal story, feel free to depict this picture any other way you like.

Textless version here: [link]

Twitter: @BronyFang [link]
Tumblr: [link]
SonOfPerun Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Great picture, I love the expression. Just, um... the tear kind of looks like a hose.

And as for the fight with you'r friend, don't worry about it. These kind of things resolve themselves easily.
PunkRoctorok Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
aww :'(
roxypuppy334 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
the fight you had with your friend sounds egsactly (sorry, i cant spell) like the one me and my friend had, but it wasnt over mlp (she hates mlp.) it was about a guine pig XD it was really stupid, but what she sayed last really hurt me... sorry that had nothing to do with anything. Great job on the picture and i hope you and your friend make up in the end :)
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